Cobol Server 2.2 and Suse 12



I have Microfocus Cobol Server 2.2 for Linux and work fine with Suse Linux Enterprise 11.


Now i need install with Suse Linux Enterprise 12 and the screen show:

Micro Focus Product - Standalone Installer

pax: Bad Option: -O.
Usage: pax cmd [options] file1 ... filen

Use pax -help
and pax -xhelp
to get a list of valid cmds and options.

Use pax -x help
to get a list of valid archive header formats.

For a more complete user interface use the tar type command interface.
See 'man star'. The pax command is more or less limited to the
POSIX standard pax command line interface.
sh: ./ No such file or directory


I have installed pax, libelf and libelf-devel.

Do i need install any other software?

Do this combination of software works?


Thanks in advance,



  • Hello Enrique,

    COBOL Server 2.2 was not certified on SUSE 12. It was certified on SUSE 11, SUSE 11 SP2 and SUSE 11 SP3. You can find information about product versions and their tested and supported Operating Systems on the Micro Focus Product Availability page at:

    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 is supported on the current version of the product, COBOL Server 3.0.

    Also, you can view the list of software prerequisites for a product by reviewing that product's "Readme" document. You can find the Readme document for a product (assuming you currently have under maintenance) on the SupportLine website:

    Use the Product Updates link after you log into the site, and then search for the desired product. Click the plus next to the version-product-platform entry, for example:

    "3.0 for SUSE x86-64"

    and finally, click the Readme link.