New development in .net


I am starting development on .Net and would like some initial help to understand the concepts of this kind of development.

If someone cloud get me a small demo prohect with a basic menu (two or three options). One of the options being a table maintenance function (number and name).

The databse could be in MySQL or SQL. I would like some information on how to create/use this database and where it could be hosted.

Thank you in advance for your help at the beginning of a new programming phase.

Best regards,

Alberto Ferraz

  • I would recommend that you look at the managed code demos in the Samples Browser. Under Start Menu navigate to the Micro Focus Visual COBOL folder group and select Samples. In the browser you can use the filter to display only managed code examples. There are samples of Windows Forms, WPF and Web based GUIs as well as examples that demonstrate how embedded SQL can be used.

    For gaining insight and expertise in .NET itself, which is a Microsoft technology I would recommend obtaining one of the many books on the subject or looking at the MSDN docs.

    For COBOL specific information you can look at the following sources:

    In the Reference section of the docs you can find the .NET COBOL Reference guide:

    You can also take a look at the Intro to OO COBOL Guide here:

    and the full-blown book on the subject, Developer's Guide to Modern COBOL here:


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    Hi Chris,

    Tanks for your tips.

    I will search and download the referred links.

    Best regards,

    Alberto Ferraz