Add lines in a datagrid


Until now i always filled the datagrid by reading a file so you always have used the instructions they gave me:
             create pricelist
             September ImpRubr to new ImpRubricas
             September ImpRubr :: IMPDT to WRK-DTTXT
             September ImpRubr :: IMPRB to BRB-CDRUB
             September ImpRubr :: IMPDE to BRB-DESIG
             September ImpRubr :: IMPQT to WRK-QTR01
             September ImpRubr :: IMPVL to WRK-PRR01
             September ImpRubr :: IMPTT to WRK-VLR01
             write pricelist from ImpRubr

Now I want to add rows directly to the datagrid every time you throw a line of information across multiple fields (date, item, quantity, etc.).

How do I do that? When the create pricelist is called the table is empty. If you do not use the statement gives error.

What to do?

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