Error in a DataGrid


I have an event in datagrid (method-id dgridRubricas_MouseDoubleClick) that works perfectly when I click with the mouse in a cell.

It turns out that when I click the mouse on the scroll bar to move down to the remaining data visualization, and make very fast, is considered a MouseDoubleClick and gives the following error "Null Reference Exception was unhandled".

What is the solucção to prevent this situation?

Best Regards

Albeto Ferraz

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    Here my solution in a WPF program:

          method-id KontoGrid_MouseDoubleClick.

          procedure division using by value sender as type Object

                                   by value e as type System.Windows.Input.MouseButtonEventArgs.

              set KomtoItem to KontoGrid::Items::CurrentItem as type xyz

              if KontoItem = null



              *> do processing


          end method.


    Werner Lanter

  • Hello,

    Your solution is the perfect solution and solved my error.


    Best regards

    Alberto Ferraz