Define the printer to a type of document


I need to create a parameter which shows me the printers are installed and I pick one for each type of document (For example: Invoices to Epson ESC/PR, Orders to Samsung 2145, etc.).

How I can get the printers that are installed on the system?


Alberto Ferraz

  • I found an example for doing this. You can automatically bind a combo box control to the printer collection by adding the following namespace to your xaml:


    and then adding the System.Drawing assembly to your project references.

    You can then define the combobox with:

    <ComboBox x:Name="prtcomboBox" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Margin="89,119,0,0" VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="301" Height="21" ItemsSource="{x:Static Printing:PrinterSettings.InstalledPrinters}" SelectionChanged="prtcomboBox_SelectionChanged" />

    Everytime a new printer is selected the prtcomboBox_SelectionChanged event will be triggered so you can get the selected printer name.

    method-id prtcomboBox_SelectionChanged.
          procedure division using by value sender as object e as type System.Windows.Controls.SelectionChangedEventArgs.
              set textBox1::Text to prtcomboBox::SelectedValue
          end method.

  • Hi,

    It was exactly the solution you were looking for.

    Now a question in reverse: how do I carry this combo box to set printer option that comes from a field of the database?

    For example: the maintenance of the types of documents table program have defined the bill with the Epson ESC P / R. When I change the movement type of record I want the combo box to appear selected Epson ESC P / R.

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    Alberto Ferraz

  • Hello,

    Another issue that has to do with this: how do I print directly to the printer that is selected?


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    Alberto Ferraz

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