Various in a WPF

I have three questions to ask your help (the following link is the example of the three situations):

1-I'm using a datagrid and load the data as the example you sent me:

working-storage section.

      01 custTab type Tabelas.

set custTab to new Tabelas
set custTab::CODIG to BTB-CODIG
set custTab::DESAX to BTB-DESAX
write custList from custTab

Now I have two problems:

It's created a line more;

I can't select the first row to the first time.

2 - Picture in a data field

If the field value is zero then is put a 0 in the first position of the field and write before that position

3 - CheckBox inside a datagrid

How do I manage the checked and uncheked in this situation?

Thsnks again

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