Update Web based MySQL DBMS from native Microfocus app


I'm currently using  MicroFocus VEC 5.0 in Windows 10. I've developed quite a large suite of native COBOL programs using OpenESQL to update a local installation of MS SQL server.

My question has 2 parts:

1) To switch to MySQL will I only need to change my connection string to access a 32 bit ODBC driver for MySQL instead of SQL server? I believe the SQL syntax is pretty standard so I hope my Insert, Delete and Update logic will not be affected.

1)What strategy and technology would be required to either directly update a Web based MySQL database or if that's not possible what would be another approach to upload the MySQL data in real time.

I'd like to develop a small web based application to expose this MySQL data and I don't want to use Java or COBOL.



  • OpenESQL is meant to be database vendor agnostic so that the same programs will run against a different database vendor simply by switching the ODBC driver as you indicate here. As long as you are not using any syntax that is supported only by SQL Server then it should run OK against MySQL as well.

    I am not really sure what you are looking for in your second question. Using ODBC you could access the database on the web server directly if you had permissions and a connection to it but that kind of defeats the purpose of having a web server.

    Is it that you are just trying to keep a local MySQL database and a server MySQL database in sync with each other?

  • Hi Chris

    "keep a local MySQL database and a server MySQL database in sync with each other"

    yes - exactly.

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