Pro*COBOL Integration with Eclipse VC IDE

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Back on the Visual COBOL SQL with pro*cobol tests..

Our project is a migration project from UNISYS (DPS screen, RDMS database, DMS indexed files, ECL JCL and so on...) to Linux Visual Cobol Development Hub and Oracle Database.

For various raisons, the project use actually COBOL fixed source format and pro*COBOL.

Now we need to wotk with Eclipse Visual COBOL...
First of all, ware working on compilations with Eclipse on the Linux server via Development Hub.
our tests are ok with simples COBOL programmes (without EXEC SQL statement)
they failed with EXEC SQL statements :

[cobol] * Cobsql Integrated Preprocessor
[cobol] * CSQL-I-018: Invoking Oracle Precompiler/Translator
[cobol] sh: procob: command not found
[cobol] * CSQL-F-016: UNIX error Return Code is 0127

Do we need do update PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH variables cibling $ORACLE_HOME/bin and $ORACLE_HOME.lib binaries and libraries directories before launching rdodaemon?
I saw in the RSE documentation of Visual COBOL that we can configure environment variables for support connections.
Is it possible via VC Eclipse IDE?
Does the compilation step inherit of theses variables?

Thanks in advance.

  • Verified Answer

    Try adding the Oracle bin and lib to the environment is set in the Remote Systems Explorer, or RSE daemon started from DevHub's $COBDIR/remotedev directory.  Put the Oracle environment variable setting inside $COBDIR/remotedev/setlibpath (ED/VC 2.1) or $COBDIR/remotedev/setandrun (ED/VC 2.2). Once you've edited the configuration file(s) you will need to restart the RSE daemon. You can verify the settings by using a remote shell (in the Remote System Explorer perspective) and then use the env command to display the environment.  This shell inherits the environment of the RSE daemon.  This may an iterative process. If you encounter any issues, please contact support through the normal process fo more detailed assistance.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for this answer.

    We use actually vc 2.1 and, as you say, we use the setlibpath file to set the ORACLE bin PATH.