174 Imported file not found: (CobWifeDll.dll)


I am working for Net Express to Visual Cobol migration and I am getting this '174     Imported file not found: (CobWifeDll.dll)' error for one of the component .

Earlier I was getting load error '173 Called program file not found in drive/directory' for 'CobWifeDll' while calling this dll

So I have declared a procedure-pointer and set up the entry point to this dll, Now I am getting this '174     Imported file not found: (CobWifeDll.dll)' error.

  • link to this dll is present in the path variable.
  • Run time Model is shared in Cobol link tab.

This particular dll contains the functionalities for the communication between application program and and the screens.

Can you please help me to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance.