Visual COBOL licence expired?

I'm running Visual Studio CE and Visual COBOL PE. Trying to open a .sln I get 'An error occurred ... while attempting to open...' and all my programs are shown as 'incompatible' in the 'Solution Explorer'. I then get a dialog asking for an Authorization Code. I'm assuming my VC licence has expired. However opening Licence Administration the contents show 'Visual COBOL PE Visyal Studio' and '365 Days Left.'

Also trying to open a different project gives '247     Licensing error (Error[0xc800100d]: The license for Feature "SolarNativeRuntime" is no longer valid because the license expiration date has been reached.)'.

Assuming both of these issues are due to my VC licence expiring would it be possible to renew the licence?


  • Visual COBOL PE licenses are only good for a year and then they expire. The way to renew the license is to register and download the latest version from our website here: You will then receive a new one year license.

  • Chris; downloaded VC PE and did a Repair (rather than an Uninstall). When I tried to open a project I got:

    This version of Visual Studio is unable to open the following projects. The project types may not be installed or this version of Visual Studio may not support them.
    For more information on enabling these project types or otherwise migrating your assets, please see the details in the "Migration Report" displayed after clicking OK.
         - MainProg, "C:\WORKAREA\VisCob\MusicDB\MainProg\MainProg.cblproj"

    Non-functional changes required
    Visual Studio will automatically make non-functional changes to the following projects in order to enable them to open in Visual Studio 2015, Visual Studio 2013, Visual Studio 2012, and Visual Studio 2010 SP1. Project behavior will not be impacted.
         - MainProg, "C:\WORKAREA\VisCob\MusicDB\MainProg\MainProg.sln"

    Help please :-)

  • Verified Answer

    I am not really sure why you would do a repair instead of an uninstall. You should be able to uninstall the previous version of Visual COBOL PE and the License manager and then Install the new version. You might be able to just install the new version over the previous version depending on what version you were using previously.

    Once it is installed you can use License Manager to install the new license and you should be all set.

  • My mistake Chris. As it was an extension to my previous licence I assumed a Repair eas need rather than a Uninstall/Reinstall.