Runtime modules for VC 7.0

Which runtime modules from VC7.0 and VS2019 must be given to be able to run the project on a other computer?
    a) with only dialog system screensets (without using dotnet), a project convert from NETX5.x
    b) later when using dotnet screensets
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With NETX5.x only 33 files (lbr, exe, dll, gnt) must be copied to the compiled programs.
  • The product you need to run your application on a different computer than your development machine is the COBOL Server product. You cannot package the Visual COBOL run-time files with your application as they require a Visual COBOL Development license in order to run. The COBOL Server product requires a production license. In Net Express the COBOL Server equivalent is called Application Server or Server 5.1 or Server for COBOL depending on what product version you are using.

    You can copy only the required run-time files from the COBOL Server product and package them with your application but we recommend that you install the entire product so that you will have all required files and that you can simply upgrade the COBOL Server product to the same version level as Visual COBOL if you happen to upgrade your development product.

    The files that are required to ship with your application are completely dependent on what your application does.

    There is a section in the documentation which covers Deployment of your applications and a list of some of the required components can be found here.,

  • Only with Visual Studio and other MS-Programming language as C++ and C#, the customer have better and cheaper products and must not pay runtime licenses for each customer and must buy and license a cobol server to be able to run the application!

  • This requirement is not new with Visual COBOL. There has always been a licensing fee for deployment as far back as Workbench. We started enforcing the requirement in NX 3.0 SP1.

    Microsoft does not charge for a deployment license for applications developed with C++ or C# because the deployment license fee is basically the Windows operating system which they do license to every user.