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Compile Result about Visual Cobol

Hi , I'm using Visual Cobol for Eclipse on Redhat, trying to migrate from Server Express to Visual Cobol,

so I have to compare the Compile Result between them. and find out all reasons if difference exists.

I set verbose = true, then the compile result outputted,

On Server Express, here's the compile results for [list]

* Accepted - nolist
* Accepted - list("XXX1.lst")

but on Visual Cobol,

[cobol] * Accepted - NOLIST

[cobol] * Accepted - LISTPATH"Listing"

1  The [NOLIST] is the same , but why [list("XXX1.lst")] outputted on Server Express ?

    How to set compile option that makes Visual Cobol output it too ?

2  Visual Cobol outputted [LISTPATH] and Server Express did not. It is effect anything?

    If [LIST PATH] is only a message for reminding something, then I don't have to change it.