SQL Return code = 1054 getting on open cursor

  • 1. I am facing 1054 return code on below cursor while opening the cursor on MySql8 through Visual COBOL 6.

    2. Below cursor is working fine on Mysql5 through server express

    3. Same cursor is running fine in stored proc created on mySql8

    4. Project requires row level lock while fetching the cursor.

    5. Can you please suggest how to make running this cursor on MySql8 through Visual COBOL6.0 with lock on row.

    6.If we comment "for update" lock on Visual COBOL 6, it works fine but it is not satisfying project requirement.

    Cursore :

    exec sql   declare my_cursor cursor for select  date_format (cstrc_date, '%Y%m%d), cstrc_number from cstrctrl where owing_location=:ws-branch order by cstrc_date,cstrc_number for update

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