Visual cobol install


Hi .
I can´t install visual cobol personal edition (vcvs2019_60.exe) for windows in my notebook.
My windows is windows 10 home and i had install visual studio 2017.
With this configuration I had no sucess.
What arethe requirements necessary for install it.
Tks and best regards.

Sorry by my poor english.

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    -do you have download the correct vcvs2018_60.exe for vs2017? There is a other version for vs2017 or vs2019!

    What is your error message?

    Before installing visual cobol, you must have Visual studio installed!

    My proposition: deinstall visual studio 2017, install the newest visual studio 2019, then download the correct version of vcsv2019_60.exe and install it.

    I know that visual studio 2022 is released, also visual cobol 7.0, but only visual cobol 6 is available for free download, limited to 2200 lines of code.

    your english can be read correctly, you can post in other languages and then use google translator

    i used Win7 32bit, win10 64 bit prof. and also win11 64 bit with visual studio and visual cobol without install problems!

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    Hi Greiner.
    Thanks a lot for your answer.
    I will install Visual Studio 2019 and try again.