multiple entry points

I have converted most of our NetExpress Cobol to unmanaged code under .Net. (compiling with MicroFocus Visual Cobol 2.0).  I’m using a VB front end (Infinity launch pad) which  points to the directory where these dlls are.

I’ve been testing using one entry point, however we have 10 entry points (.exes), and I’m not sure how to make this work in .Net.

  • I am not sure what you mean when you say you have 10 entry points (.exes)  as .exe modules are started as new processes and not usually called from a VB start module.

    The normal way to handle calling multiple COBOL programs from a main start module is to package them as .DLLs, in Visual COBOL unmanaged code these are referred to as Link Libraries.

    You can place each program in its own .DLL if they are not related in functionality or you could package all the programs into one .DLL that can then be loaded from VB to make the COBOL entry points visible to VB.

    Can you please provide a bit more detail about the COBOL programs that you wish to call? Are they written as subprograms that use a LINKAGE SECTION to pass parameters or are they each written as main programs that are to be started as a separate process?


  • For instance, we have an online application and a batch application - which are separate from each other, are called by choosing different icons and have different linkage.  However, they often call common programs - such as an issue program or a rating program.

  • Verified Answer

    Programs that are common between multiple applications should be linked as .DLLs so they can be called from multiple places.

    If you are running a batch program then it should be linked as an .EXE so that it can be run standalone. On-line programs that are started by a VB front end should be linked as .DLLs so that they can be called from VB.

    If the common programs are linked as .DLLs then they could be called from either the batch .EXE or the on-line .DLLs.

    Is this what you are asking?