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Deploy EJB and Resource Adapter to WebSphere Liberty


Can Non-transactional type resource adapter with version (CCIMFCobol_v1.0) used to deploy to WebSphere Liberty? I saw from the documentation ( that resource adapter (CCIMFCobol_v1.5) can be deployed to WebSphere Liberty.

But what about the resource adapter (CCIMFCobol_v1.0)? Does it supports the WebSphere Liberty or it only will work for WebSphere Traditional Server?

Please advise.


  • Hi Meng kit Soo,


    As you've probably noticed, the Visual COBOL documentation (on the page you referenced) includes a specific warning about trying to change the information related to the resource adapter, and calls out the *1.5 version as the supported value:

    Important: Within the connection factory definition, you can override the values for properties defined in the resource adapter's ra.xml file, such as the Trace and ServerPort properties as shown in the above example. However, do not alter the values for the resource-ref id (CCIMFCobol_v1.5) and the jndiName (eis/MFCobol_v1.5). Any alteration of these values prevents the resource adapter from working properly with Micro Focus-generated EJBs.

    Can you share some background about what problem you're trying to solve? And what version of Visual COBOL, Java and Websphere Liberty you're using, and on which Operating System version and platform?

    Finally, why do you need to use the CCIMFCobol_v1.0. Resource Adapter?