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Visual COBOL with Visual studio - multi threaded compilation

I'm running in a AVM where there are 8 cores available, I'm using V6 COBOL and VS2017.

There are 8 codes sets where 7 are relatively small, and one huge one. The relatively small ones compile in acceptable times. The largest however takes a long amount of time to complete. Is there a way of utilising the idle cores once they have completed to take the load from the one core that runs from a long time?


  • You can perform parallel builds that utilize your machine cores.

    To set this up: (per the documentation)

    Compiling the Files in a Project in Parallel

    Restriction: Multi-processor compilation of the sources in a project is only supported for native COBOL. It is not recommended to use with native Object-Oriented COBOL applications.

    You can compile your COBOL source code faster on multi-CPU machines if you enable parallel compilation inside a project.

    To enable parallel compilation, check the Multi-processor compilation option on the COBOL page in your project's properties. Also, specify the number of Maximum concurrent COBOL compilations option in Tools > Options > Micro Focus Tools > Projects where, by default, the number is automatically set to the number of CPUs of your computer.

    Chris Glazier
    Global Technical Support | OpenText

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