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Micro Focus FileShare

I'm currently updating our current v2.3 Micro Focus COBOL instance with Visual Studio 2015 to v8 with Visual Studio 2019 and have had issues with installing FileShare.

I've been able to run FileShare from a command prompt and have it running on server startup.

The only issue I have now is that when I open a solution, I get the message "Error COBCH0942 Could not load assembly 'MicroFocus.COBOL.FHRedir.dll".

Running the program and writing to a file is no issue, the data is written, and the file is closed.  I'm just wondering why this error is showing.

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    You must be compiling for managed .NET code and using the CALLFH"FHREDIR" directive? We recently discovered this same problem.
    Yoiu need to add a reference to this assembly which is installed in the GAC in the following folder:


    Right click on the references folder and select Add and then browse to this location and add the reference to the assembly.

    The error should then go away...

    Chris Glazier
    Global Technical Support | OpenText

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    Thanks Chris.  Yep, that worked.