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9D00 Error with Database Connectors

We are using the Microfocus Database Connectors with Visual COBOL, and I am all of a sudden getting a 9D,00 Error when trying to run my program.

It is like it can no longer find the Database?   

I haven't changed any of my settings in my script except the name of the Database and Aculock Database that the program is using.

What is a 9D,00 anyway  - I can't find that code in any of the error documentation. 

I see 9D,01 and higher.

  • Hi AmyM1,

    The best way to debug an issue with Database Connectors is to capture a Consolidated Tracing Facility (CTF) log of the execution, and examine the contents of the log files created. The log shows details of the Connection and Execution of Queries under Database Connectors.  This page in the documentation has some instructions to enable this tracing. 

    Please note that you should not post the contents of the CTF log files to the Community site, as they may contain sensitive information. If you would like assistance with interpreting the trace contents, we suggest you open a Support Case at

  • Verified Answer

    Thanks Blair! 

    I figured out the issue - It was because the Aculock DB was not installed correctly. Once I uninstalled it, and re-installed it again - it worked fine.