COBCH1505 I-O error _ IDY file

 I am trying Visual Cobol 2.3 after using Netexpress the first source I try to compile gets the error

COBCH1505 I-O error _ IDY file

this does not happen in Netexpress. I am missing a setting or something?

The online documentation for the error slighty lacks a fix.

All help gratefully acccepted.

  • This sounds as if the VC project is not setup correctly. Did you use the import wizard to convert the original NX project to VC or did you create the VC project from scratch?

    Also, if this is a NX program then it should probably go into a native project template in VC. Make sure that you didn't create a managed code project and copy the programs into it.

    You might try to open up one of the Sample programs in the Samples Browser to ensure that the product is working correctly.

  • Thanks imported code into new project, but I have now blown the 2200 project line limit.

    Can you use VC without using a project?
  • Verified Answer

    If you are using the Visual COBOL PE version then the limit is 2200 lines per program. This is enforced by the compiler and not by the IDE so you will get the same error if you compile from the command line, which is something you can do.

    The Personal Edition product is a teaching tool and is made for students. You cannot do any type of real development with the product. If you are evaluating the VC product to see if it fits your needs then you should be using a free trial version which gives you a full product version to use for 30 days. The evaluation copy also includes Tech Support for the duration of the eval.