symbol mFt_xmlSchemaVInit

Any idea what this error message means?


Load error : file ''
error code: 198, pc=0, call=1, seg=0
198      error message text not found (mFt_xmlSchemaVInit)

  • Verified Answer

    There's something wrong with your environment or installation. You haven't given us any relevant information, like what product and version you're using, what platform you're running on, or what you're doing, so it's difficult to be any more helpful.

    Any symbol beginning with mFt_ is an internal Micro Focus routine. The runtime linker is telling you it can't find that symbol. It's also saying it's looking for it in, so either it's finding the wrong (perhaps because you're picking up an older version of the product), or not finding one at all.

    You're also getting the "error message text not found" text, which means the runtime's message library isn't being located either.

    So, the most likely causes are: the system you're running on doesn't have the correct version of the product installed, or the environment you're running in is not configured correctly for the runtime to find the product. But, again, we don't have enough information to try to diagnose it any further.