basic question regarding debugging a remote cobjvm program from eclipse

We are migrating from Server Express 5.1 to Visual COBOL 3.0.  I am trying to get a very basic COBJVM example to debug.


The environment is


Visual COBOL for express 3.0 on windows 10

Visual COBOL devhub 3.0 on SLES 12.


I have created a new remote COBOL project with Java Byte Code target.


I have created and compiled a very simple COBOL program   (See end of this post)


The program compiles fine, and I can run it by going over to Linux and running cobjrun, but when I try to debug it in eclipse I get the following error


                 Could not launch remote project.  Check that the remote server settings are not empty. 


the remote server setting is definitely not empty, it shows the correct server.


----- program ----


       program-id. ap02 as "ap02".
       data division.
       working-storage section.
       procedure division.
           display 'Hello, World'.
       end program ap02.
  • Hello Anthony,

    I'm sorry to hear about the issue you are having. A couple of questions for you:

    1) What version of Java JDK have you specified as your Remote JRE System Library for your Eclipse project? Is it the 32 or 64 bit version?

    2) Do you have the same version (and Patch Update number, if applicable) of Visual COBOL for Eclipse installed on your developer workstation as the version of Visual COBOL Developer Hub installed on your SUSE 12 machine?

    Blair McDonald

  • 32 bit JDK. and yes I believe that the versions are the same (Visual COBOL 3.0). How can I check the patch level for both LINUX and Eclipse ?
  • Hello Anthony,

    Thanks for the info about the JDK in use being 32 bit. It may also be helpful to know what which version of 32 bit JDK you are using.

    On Unix platforms, to determine the complete version information (including Patch Updates installed, if any) you can use the following command. This command assumes the product is installed in the default location, change as needed:

          cat /opt/microfocus/VisualCOBOL/etc/cobver

    On Windows, you check the product version by going to Control Panel->Programs and Features, and then look for "Micro Focus Visual COBOL for Eclipse" in the list. To check whether any Patch Updates have been applied, click the "View installed updates" option now shown on the left, and check for entries beginning with "Micro Focus Visual COBOL for Eclipse" - if you don't see any entries like this on the Updates page, then no Patch Updates have been applied to the product.

    Finally, please confirm that in Eclipse, you are using a Debug Configuration of type "COBOL JVM Remote Application". If so, could you attach a screen shot of the Debug Configuration settings you are using? (Please be sure to obscure any server names/IP Addresses, or other sensitive information before attaching.)


    Blair McDonald

  • JDK Version


    Linux Visual COBOL ver

    cobol v3.0.0
    PTI=32/64 bit
    PTI=Micro Focus Visual COBOL Development Hub 3.0 - Patch Update 11
    PTI=Patch Update 11

    There don't appear to be any patches applied to Visual COBOL for eclipse.
  • Thank you for responding with the requested version information, Anthony. I would definitely recommend getting your Visual COBOL for Eclipse installation up to the same Patch Update version that is being used on your DevHub machine; these versions should always match.

    For products currently under maintenance with Micro Focus, you can download Patch Updates from the SupportLine website. Here is the link:

    then click the Downloads icon. You'll need to log in before you can download any updates.

    If getting the Patch Update versions in sync does not resolve the problem, I'll still want to confirm the Debug Configuration settings you are using. Investigating this kind of problem may require sharing sensitive information not suitable for a public forum. I'd like to suggest that you create a Support Incident for this issue, and mention in the description that it should be assigned to Blair McDonald. Once we find a resolution, I'll come back here and update the Community discussion with the resolution.

    Blair McDonald

  • You should get your Visual COBOL for Eclipse installation up to the same Patch Update version that is currently being used on your DevHub machine.

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  • Sorry, I was off working on something else. I have finally got back to this.

    I have updated the Visual COBOL for Eclipse installation up to the same Patch Update version that is currently being used on your DevHub machine and I still have the same problem.

    is there a log file somewhere (on windows or Linux) that might give me a better idea what is going wrong, the current error message is not helpful.
  • (Following up with solution) To recap, the error reported was:

    "Could not launch remote project.  Check that the remote server settings are not empty."

    This cause for this was attempting to use a Visual COBOL for Eclipse Debug Configuration of type "COBOL JVM Remote Application" without providing a value for the required field "X Server (DISPLAY):". Anthony was not entering this value because he is not allowed to use X communications on his Unix machine. Provided the alternate approach of using a "Remote Java Application" Debug Configuration, and this allowed Anthony to debug his remote JVM COBOL application.

    Blair McDonald