basic question regarding debugging a remote cobjvm program from eclipse

We are migrating from Server Express 5.1 to Visual COBOL 3.0.  I am trying to get a very basic COBJVM example to debug.


The environment is


Visual COBOL for express 3.0 on windows 10

Visual COBOL devhub 3.0 on SLES 12.


I have created a new remote COBOL project with Java Byte Code target.


I have created and compiled a very simple COBOL program   (See end of this post)


The program compiles fine, and I can run it by going over to Linux and running cobjrun, but when I try to debug it in eclipse I get the following error


                 Could not launch remote project.  Check that the remote server settings are not empty. 


the remote server setting is definitely not empty, it shows the correct server.


----- program ----


       program-id. ap02 as "ap02".
       data division.
       working-storage section.
       procedure division.
           display 'Hello, World'.
       end program ap02.
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