numeric fields

moving space to a numeric field will initialize it with zeroes (compiler message: COBCH1026E Source literal is non-numeric - substituting zero). A numeric test is succesfull (which causes consequential error). Is there a directive to avoid this - I didn't find any.

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    This only occurs during compilation if the compiler recognizes a statement that is trying to move an illegal value into a numeric field as this is not allowed.

    So if you have something like:

    01 my-group.

        05 num-field  pic 9(5).

    01 aspace pic x value space.

       and you try:

       move space to num-field   *> you will get zero substitution because compiler knows illegal value

       but if you use instead the data-item aspace

       move aspace to num-field *> no compiler error but you may get rts163 error at run-time. if test for 0 fails

       if you move spaces to the group item you will not get compiler error but may get rts163 error at run-time but if test for 0 fails

              move space to my-group

              if num-field = 0

                 display "yes"


                 display "no"


  • Former Member is there any compiler directive to generate an error when I try to move an alphanumeric field to a numeric field?

    We want to prevent all those RTS163 pass to runtime.