What does "Ch" mean at bottom of Visual Studio display?

I'm editing a COBOL program.  Across the very bottom of my screen is a blue bar that says Ln 46       Col 11       Ch 10     OVR

I know what Ln and Col and OVR mean, but what does "Ch" mean, please?

  • Verified Answer

    "Ch" is the actual "character position" of your cursor, while "Col" is the visible column.  

    For instance, you could have 3 lines of code, all starting at the beginning of Area B.  One might report being at Col 12, Ch 12 because it's preceded by 11 spaces.  The next one might report being at Col 12, Ch 9 (preceded by 1 tab plus 7 spaces).  And the third might report at Col 12, Ch 6 (preceded by 2 tabs plus 3 spaces).

    (assuming you're using Visual Studio's default setting of Tabs equal 4 Spaces)