Who use a good grid in Visual Cobol?

After searching a Long time for a grid with Excel functionality, i have found a activex tool "mstgrid.ocx" from the Website: http://www.mysofttool.com/

With the activex-Assistant i was able to convert any codes in Cobol and i am enjoy from this functions. But by any code, i have Problems to convert!

Who can help to convert Visual Basic or C#-Code? Are there better Tools that integrated in MF-Visual Cobol? A ocx-Viewer?

Here a example of code in VB and C#?

Here the code in C#
private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
grdView1.NewFile(11, 6);
grdView1.AutoRedraw = false;
grdView1.ThemeStyle = MstGrid.ThemeStyle.Light3D;
grdView1.ShowHeaderAutoText = MstGrid.HeaderAutoText.Both;
grdView1.Row(2).Borders(MstGrid.CellBorders.Bottom).LineStyle = MstGrid.LineStyle.Thin;
grdView1.Row(2).Borders(MstGrid.CellBorders.Bottom).Color = Color.Red;
grdView1.Range(5, 2, 8, 4).Borders(MstGrid.CellBorders.Around).LineStyle = MstGrid.LineStyle.Thick;
grdView1.Range(5, 2, 8, 4).Borders(MstGrid.CellBorders.Inside).LineStyle = MstGrid.LineStyle.Thin;
grdView1.Cell(5, 2).Borders(MstGrid.CellBorders.DiagonalDown).LineStyle = MstGrid.LineStyle.Thin;
grdView1.AutoRedraw = true;
Here the code in VB
Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
With GrdView1
.NewFile(11, 6)
.AutoRedraw = False
.ThemeStyle = MstGrid.ThemeStyle.Light3D
.ShowHeaderAutoText = MstGrid.HeaderAutoText.Both
.Row(2).Borders(MstGrid.CellBorders.Bottom).LineStyle = MstGrid.LineStyle.Thin
.Row(2).Borders(MstGrid.CellBorders.Bottom).Color = Color.Red
.Range(5, 2, 8, 4).Borders(MstGrid.CellBorders.Around).LineStyle = MstGrid.LineStyle.Thick
.Range(5, 2, 8, 4).Borders(MstGrid.CellBorders.Inside).LineStyle = MstGrid.LineStyle.Thin
.Cell(5, 2).Borders(MstGrid.CellBorders.DiagonalDown).LineStyle = MstGrid.LineStyle.Thin
.AutoRedraw = True
End With
End Sub
Happy to become help or Exchange from more possibilities

  • The code samples that you show are for managed .NET languages. Is it your intention to use this grid in a managed .NET COBOL application (WinForms) or within a native application that still uses Dialog System?

    It would be simple to convert the C# to COBOL if using managed code and more difficult if using native.

    ActiveX controls are normally not used in the .NET environment. Is this a .NET assembly version of the control instead of ActiveX?

  • the mstgrid-tool is allways to buy for dotnet 2.0 and 4.0, but i don't have experience in this new world and i don't have find a good example in visual Cobol, so that i continue as many customers to use Dialog System and we are inform from the end of live for this product.

    I will be happy to become a little application for a graphical program starting with a menu, working with a SQL-Database!

    who want to Exchange with me your experience with dotnet and visual Cobol?