Assistant for ActiveX

In Netexpress5.x is it possible to run an assistant for activeX-Components to generate code.

I don't find this Option in Visual Cobol 3.x or 4.x

I know that ActiveX is not prefered for Dotnet-Application, it must be good to preserve this possibilty in Visual Cobol

Thanks for your help


  • I believe you are referring to the Type Library Assistant that was available from the Net Express IDE Tools menu option. I am sorry but this tool has not been migrated to Visual COBOL so it is no longer available.

    Code which is generated by the Net Express tool will compile and run under Visual COBOL in native code only. The code generated is not compatible with managed code .NET applications. If calling an ActiveX control from within a managed code application you would use the managed code OO syntax and intellisense to guide you.