Dialog System

In Version 2.2 Dialog System can not open GUI when activeX component is included!

is this also in VC 2.3?

thanks for help

  • Can you provide some more detail please?

    What is the actual error that you are receiving and when do you receive it?

    Are you referring to opening up a screenset using the Dialog System painter or when running your application containing an Activex control?

    I recall that there were a couple bugs in the early releases of DS for VC that dealt with ActiveX controls but those were fixed in 2.2.

    There is a known problem when trying to use DS with ActiveX controls in a Citrix environment because of how the PATH is searched for dependent files thru Citrix but this is out of our control.

    If you can clarify the problem you are having I can provide you with better information.


  • I know we use extensive ActiveX controls using Dialog System and the GUI class library from Net Express 5.1 and Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2013 without issues.

    With Terminal servers our main executable is build as TSAWARE which deals with font and registry issues.


  • the Problem is not with netexpress 5.x, the Problem is with visual Cobol 2.2. When editing the Screen with dswin.exe the application crashed

  • What error message do you receive when it crashes?

    Does it crash when you add the ActiveX control to the screen by dragging it or when doing something else?

    What ActiveX control are you using?

    Does this happen for all ActiveX controls?

  • in netexpress 5.x i don't have any Problems. i am evaluating Visual Cobol 2.3 but i don't have the adding Tools oder compatiblity pack for this Version. But in Visual Cobol 2.2 i can load the screenset coming/created in Netexpress5.x, then when i doubleclick on the ActiveXObject dswin.exe crashed! i use mstgrid.ocx from http/.../www.mysofttool.com This can be download as testversion. Can i send you the file (module .gs)

    i want to included this Visual Basic function:

    object.Borders(EdgeConstants).LineStyle [=LineStyleConstants]

    object.Borders(EdgeConstants).Color [=Value]

    that i want to convert in Cobol to set borders in a grid cell in the grid! (as in a Excel cell)

    Thanks for help

  • If you have a Visual COBOL serial number that is under maintenance, even if it is an evaluation copy then you should be able to download the Compatibility Addpack for 2.3 from the product updates site.

    What is your product serial number?

  • Error in just-in-time-debugger from visual studio:

    unbehandelte Ausnahme ("COBOL runtime: Fault detected") in DSWIN.exe[5488]. Microsoft visual Studio 2012

  • my Evaluation license are: 600000673206 and 600000647363, but i can't Register it. a email on supportline@microfocus.com have been send for any days, without help today. my Login Name is greiner

    by adding the license number i become as answer "not found". i have done a documentation and send it to supportline. Also Register for the Newsletter is a Problem, the Internet site is not present!

  • On Windows 10, on some machines (probably 5%) we had to set the environment variable MFOLECL_NO_THREAD_INIT to Y in order to get dialog system for Visual COBOL 2013  to run that might also be worth a try.