Visual Cobol for Mac OSX

Visual Studio 2019 is now avalaible for mac osx.

Plan MF to integrate VC 5.0 for this osx?

Mac OSX is Linux based and perfect for development/testing


  • I agree. I’ve been running it in a Windows virtual machine, but to be able to do it in native Mac would be awesome.
  • OS X is not "Linux based". The OSX XNU kernel is a hybrid of CMU/OSF Mach and BSD 4, with subsequent Apple development. While OS X complies with the Single UNIX Specification (SUSv3), the non-CLI parts of the userspace are idiosyncratic to Apple.

    I can't speak to product direction, but OS X is not a traditional UNIX (at least as it's typically used), and of course not related to Windows, which is the only current platform for the Visual Studio variants of Visual COBOL and Enterprise Developer.