UP8 and VC 6.0


can you inform us when up8 for vc5.0 is ready for download

can you inform us when vc6.0 will be released? What are the new Features?


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    Hello ,

    It sounds like you may be asking about Visual COBOL 5.0 Patch Update 8. That version is currently available on the SupportLine website for customers who are on maintenance for the related product.

    The 6.0 release of our Visual COBOL and Enterprise Developer products is planned for June. The new version includes many developer productivity and application modernization enhancements, including new code refactoring options to extract and expose COBOL logic as APIs, and support for working with Docker and other container technologies including orchestration with Kubernetes.

    To learn more about these and additional features, there is a 6.0 Launch Event Webinar scheduled for June 24th. Here is a link to register for the Webinar.