License after 1 week tests with VS2019 and VC5.0 trial

One week after Installation and tests with programs in reference, i am not able to load the Project, the license is not valid.

is the Trial only valid for 1 week or 1 year?

What can i do? Reinstalling every week on a new virtual machine to make tests?

  • A Visual COBOL Trial is a 30 day license. This is a full license with access to MF Support.
    The Visual COBOL PE (Personal Edition) is a 1 year license that can be used for educational purposes only.

    Which of these did you download?
    Please open up the Micro Focus License Administration tool and look under installed licenses. What does it show?

    As long as your VM's hardware definition has not changed, the license should not have to be reset. If your VM starts with a new MAC address each time you start it then the license would have to be reset because it believes it to be a different machine.

  • i have download a Trial Version last week.
    Where can i download the personal Edition?
    Is this the same Version, with 1 year license?
  • Verified Answer

    The Visual COBOL PE product provides a one year license for academic purposes only. It's license limits the size of a source program to 2200 lines. Other than that it is the same product as the Trial version.

    If you are evaluating the product with the intention of purchasing it at some point then you should be using the 30 day trial version and not the PE product. If you need more than 30 days then your Account Rep would be happy to extend this for you.

    The Trial product can be downloaded here:

    The VCPE product can be downloaded here: