Visual Cobol Understand-Question

i don't understand why download files are not on the same places and no Information for the 2 possibilities:

1. Visual Cobol 5.x Personal Edition, free/validity for 1 year, limited to 2200 program lines
    only up2 is necessary and disponible

2. Visual Cobol 5.x Trial Version, free/validity 1 month, no Limitation
    for this Version, only up2 is necessary and disponible

For this two Versions, why the updates files are not visible/disponible for all students, testers for the durability for 1 month or 1 year. This will have Errors that will be send on Support, that is not necessary.

i hope that MF will answer positive for all this customers and interessed persons on VC

  • The Product Updates are on the Supportline web site which is only available to customers with a full product license that have a maintenance contract with Micro Focus. Customers who download an evaluation Trial copy of Visual COBOL that have been validated by an Account Manager as being a serious prospect will also have access to these downloads for the duration of their evaluation.

    The Visual COBOL Personal Edition product is provided "as-is" for free and it is refreshed once a year when a new major product release becomes available. The VCPE product cannot be used for any serious development nor can applications created with VCPE be distributed for sale. It is a learning tool.

    In some cases when we encounter a show-stopper problem such as the change that Microsoft made to VS2019 that caused the VC product to fail, then we will make the fix available for download along with the VCPE product. We did this with Patch Update 2 which fixed this problem.

    If you are doing serious development that requires that the product be kept current with the latest Patch Update then you should contact your Account Manager about purchasing the Visual COBOL product or if you are performing a Proof-of-Concept then you should be using an Evaluation Trial copy of the product instead of VCPE. You can get this Trial version by contacting Micro Focus Sales.



  • Why is the Information for this two Version is not transparent on the web and Young people who wan't learn have only one possibitity.
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