Learning managed Cobol and Visual Studio Windows/Screens

Is here anybody to share Information how to learn managed Cobol or creating professional Windows/Screens with Visual Studio?

Where can i find documentation?

Can you share book titel for this learning?

Thanks for answer!

  • There is a small course that you can download in the same location where you downloaded the product. There is a link for Learn COBOL there.

    Also there is a book that you can also download that goes into great detail about working with .NET and JVM COBOL including using technologies such as Winforms, and WPF.

    The link for this book is here:

    Also take a look at the examples in the Samples Browser which is available from the Micro Focus group on the start menu as there are many examples of using these .NET technologies.

  • Chris, thank you for your answer.

    I will prefer answer from customer and their experience.
    The MF-Examples are not professional enough and here is the crazy Problem!