VC60 - compiling error

What mean the following error in german:

MSB4181 Die Aufgabe "Cobol" hat FALSE zurückgegeben, jedoch keinen Fehler protokolliert

Traduce in english: the Task "Cobol" give FALSE back, but no error in protocol

This error only in VC6.0 without Service packs

  • You already posted the same error in this forum when you used to run VC 5.0 PU7. Here's the thread

    Do you remember how you resolved the issue back then?

  • OK, with vc 3 and 4 there is not a problem.
    No, i am not able to resolve this error!
    This is the reason to publish this in this forum!
  • This was a problem introduced in MSBuild/VS 2019 16.7. In order to avoid seeing the message you'd need to have 6.0 PU2 or later installed. 

    Additionally, due to the original Microsoft change being implemented incorrectly, the problem will resurface in VS2019 16.9 (currently in preview). That will require PU4 (when available) to remove the message again.

    Other than the message, there is no effect on the build and you'll only see it when compiling in Visual Studio, not using MSBuild from the command line.