Cannot Create Project File VS 2017

It appears I have successfully installed Visual Studio 17 and Visual Cobol for Visual Studio 17.  When I go through the process to create a project: File,new,project,intalled,cobol,native or managed(same with any option), console application (or any option), complete the file name and hit 'OK' key, a Microsoft visual studio window appears stating it's creating the project (name I entered).  It never completes and will not cancel.  I have to end visual studio from the task manager, endtask option ( three times ).

I do not have this problem with any other language, only visual cobol.  Same thing happens if I load a cobol program and attempt to create a project.  I can successfully compile the program and run from the debug choices, but that is where my capabilities appear to end.

Of course the question is:  How do I resolve the problem?

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