How to convert .NET COBOL Application from SQL ODBC to use SQL ADO technology?



Is it possible to convert a .NET COBOL Application from SQL ODBC to use SQL ADO technology?

If planning to migrate or creating a COBOL application using .NET Framework managed code, it is recommended to consider using SQL ADO technology rather than ODBC Technology.
ADO is designed to be used with managed code .NET Framework applications, giving potential easier integration and stability.


In terms of COBOL code changes,if you plan to make use of the additional ADO features change any SQL(DBMAN=ODBC) directives to SQL(DBMAN=ADO)

Additionally, configure the ADO Database Connection (similar concept to configuring an ODBC connection).

Do this via the ADO.NET Connection Editor tool that ships with Visual COBOL/Enterprise Developer (Accessible via the Windows Start Menu group for the Visual COBOL or Enterprise Developer Program Group > Data Tools > Data Connections).

Once the ADO connection is set up and SQL DBMAN directive updated, then recompile the application to start using ADO Technology.

For more information regarding how ADO works, try the ADO Sample Solution that ships with Visual COBOL/Enterprise Developer, usually located in path: Enterprise Developer: %PUBLIC%\Documents\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\Samples\sql\ Visual COBOL: %PUBLIC%\Documents\Micro Focus\Visual COBOL\Samples\sql\

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