Created On:  10 March 2011


How do I create a custom owner drawn ToolTip for a Windows Form Control in Visual COBOL 2010?


A demonstration program is attached, which shows you how to create a customer owner drawn ToolTip for controls on a Windows Form (WinForm) in Visual COBOL.

Unzip onto your C: drive retaining the directory structure in the zip file.
Using Visual COBOL 2010 R3 or higher open up the solution in C:\testTooltip\testTooltip\testTooltip.sln.

The form has three buttons on it, each with its own type of Tooltip.
Run the program by pressing F5.

Hover the mouse over each of the buttons to see the Tooltip that is created for it.
Button1 uses a 3-D look and feel, Button2 uses a painted Tooltip with custom font and Button3 will display an image file stored in LOGO.GIF.

Look at the source code behind to see how each is being drawn.