Created On:  24 October 2012


This article discusses the "database failure" error when running $COBDIR/lmf/lmfinstall

You have recovered a corrupt LMF database using the install script:  $COBDIR/lmf/lmfinstall.

Your COBOL version is prior to Server Express 2.2 Service Pack 2.

Restarting licensing fails with a message: “License Key database is empty”.

You attempt to install licenses into the empty database and receive the message: "database failure".


The problem is that directory $COBDIR/lmf contains database files (mflmfdb, mflmfdb.idx, mflmfdbX, mflmfdbX.idx). These database files do not belong in $COBDIR/lmf and must be removed.

The lmfinstall script allows the user to create an empty database in a directory of their choosing (the default is a directory called mflmf).

If the user attempts to install into $COBDIR/lmf (install over itself) then it will fail but it still create the database files

Then when the user reruns the script to create a database in a legitimate directory it fails.
Incident #2588948