Setting up a License Server (Linux and UNIX).


If you have a concurrent license installed on a server but want to use this on other client machines, you will need to configure your machines to allow this.

On the license server machine open the license manager by entering the following command:




Then navigate to the following directory:


Select Option 3 (Advanced Configuration Options)




Only the local IP address will be shown, you will need to add the hostname or the IP address of the license server.

Enter Option 1


You will now need to add the hostname and IP address of the server machine. Please note, you will need to insert a colon between these values. Here is an example of this:


You will need to follow this procedure for all client machines on which you would like to use the license. It is very important that the information entered on each client machine is exactly the same as the information entered on the server machine. Otherwise the license will not work.

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