Activating Your License (Windows). (1737144)


Micro Focus License Administration: Activating your License

If you have received a 16-digit authorisation code to license your product, you will need to activate this by authorising it through the Micro Focus License Administration tool.

Automatic Authorisation:

An internet connection is required for a successful automatic activation.

Enter the authorisation code into the ‘Enter authorisation code’ field in the License Administration tool and click on authorise. The License Administration Tool will attempt to connect to the authorisation server. If activation is successful, a message in green will appear stating ‘license(s) added successfully’.


Manual Authorisation:

If the activation is not successful a message will appear in red: Authorization failed.
If the error message reads that the authorisation code is exhausted, it means it has already been installed on a machine and cannot be used again.
If it states that the code is invalid, there are a number of possibilities. It could be that the code is indeed invalid, and you should contact Supportline in this case. Or else, it could be a result of 2 things. If the machine where you are trying to install does not have internet access, or, if there are proxy settings on the machine, this may not work.

In this instance please click on the link on screen to activate the license manually. The link is:

To complete manual authorisation you will need your machine id and your corporate email address. You can find your Machine ID by clicking on the Manual Authorisation button.

-          Open the activation page in SupportLine

-          Enter the authorisation code, machine id and your email address

-          Click on Submit

-          A license string will be generated. It will be displayed on screen and sent to your email address.

-          Copy this license string and paste it into the License string field in the License Administration Tool.

-          Click on Install Licenses.

-          A message will appear in green: ‘Licenses added successfully’.

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