How can you stop Eclipse compiling all the programs before starting the debugger?


Problem :

Every time  a debug session is started Eclipse compiles all the programs before starting the debug. With large projects containing many programs (that still need to be fixed in terms of syntax errors) it takes a long time to compile all those programs, this happens at each start of a debug session.

Is there a way to prevent Eclipse from compiling all the programs before starting a debug session?

Resolution :

When debugging starts, a check on source files will be performed to find out if any are out of date, and if so a build is performed.

This can be switched off in the Eclipse menu > Window/Preferences/RunDebug/Launching property page. 

On that page (about half way down) is an option called “Build (if required) before launching”.   

De-select that option, click Apply/Close and then test.

NB. This is a global option so will affect the whole IDE (for example - Java as well). 

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