How to set the default userID for remote reconnections in the Eclipse IDE



How to change the default userID for remote reconnections in the Eclipse IDE.

When creating a new remote connection the userID field in the Eclipse IDE will be populated with the currently logged on Windows user ID.  This can lead to problems when connecting to a remote Linux/UNIX machine as the userID’s on those Operating Systems are case sensitive whereas this is not the case in a Windows environment.


The Eclipse IDE allows for the setting of the default userID values per remote connection type.

To make these changes:

Start the Eclipse IDE and from the pull-down menu, select Window\Preferences\Remote Systems to display the list of remote connections defined on the machine.

The userID fields can be edited by clicking on them.  Click on the “Default User ID” field for the relevant remote connection and ensure the value exactly matches (case sensitive) the Linux userID.  Click OK to save the new settings which will now be used when creating a new remote connection in the Eclipse IDE.

This same approach should be adopted for each connection type planned to be used, e.g. Micro Focus DevHub using RSE, Micro Focus DevHub using Samba, etc. 

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