COBCH1712 <object> has no visible instance method 'value' with 0 parameters errors seen after upgrading to Visual COBOL 2.2 Update 1



After upgrading Visual COBOL to Version 2.2 Update 1 the following error may be encountered when using Managed Code Projects where code does not use specific properties of a method:

COBCH1712 <object type> has no visible instance method '<value>' with 0 parameters.


The release notes of Visual COBOL 2.2 Update 1 state:

In member reference in managed COBOL syntax, parentheses can only be used when referencing methods.

Parentheses can no longer be used when referencing fields or properties, as this will produce a syntax error.

For example:

     set intLength to testString::Length()

must change to:

     set intLength to testString::Length

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