While attempting to install Visual COBOL 2010 you receive the top message below or while attempting to install COBOL 2010 Runtime you receive the bottom message below:

What does this mean?


These error messages are correct in that Visual COBOL for Visual Studio and COBOL 2010 Runtime products cannot be installed on the same computer.  Visual COBOL is the development environment which integrates into Visual Studio 2010. It has all the components of the COBOL 2010 Runtime product installed with it so that you can test your applications on the development computer without the requirement of a production runtime license.

The COBOL 2010 Runtime product is for production use and it contains all of the files necessary to run the developed applications on a computer where Visual COBOL is not installed.  These products each are licensed separately.  Where you might have one Visual COBOL license for a single developer you would need a COBOL 2010 Runtime license for each computer that runs the developed application.
Incident #2531598