Cannot start server/region: CASCF0052S casstart: Error reading console daemon configuration data



On Linux/UNIX, a server/region in Enterprise Server (ES) would not start.  The error message was: CASCF0052S casstart: Error reading console daemon configuration data


Here is a link into the documentation showing an explanation:

It is a permissions problem with the "system directory" of the server/region, caused by trying to start the server/region using a different Linux/UNIX user-id than the user-id used when the server/region was last started.

The system directory is where files such as the console.log, log-1.html, etc. are kept.  The directory is created and owned by the user-id that last started the server/region, and if you try to start the server/region with a different user-id, there will be a permissions problem on the system directory.

The quickest way to overcome this problem is to remove or re-name the existing system directory.  On disk the system directory has the same name as the server/region, and by default it is located in /var/mfcobol/es, though the location can be configured using the "casperm" command or by modifying the file $COBDIR/etc/cas/cas.cfg.  To reveal the current location, enter:

grep CASROOT $COBDIR/etc/cas/cas.cfg


$ grep CASROOT $COBDIR/etc/cas/cas.cfg
$ cd /var/mfcobol/es
$ ls

After the existing system directory is removed or re-named, then when the server/region is next started, it will create a new system directory, and will start successfully.

If you start the server/region by clicking the "Start" button on the ES Admin page, then the user-id will be the "Default startup process user ID" that you see on the Start page.  But if you use "casstart" or "casstop" from the command line, you could possibly be logged in as a different user-id.  The long-term solution to this problem is to use the same user-id to start the server/region each time.  If you want to use "casstart" or "casstop", and sometimes you also want to use the "Start" and "Stop" buttons on the ES Admin page, then when you use "casstart" or "casstop", make sure you are logged in as the "Default startup process user ID" from the Start page.

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