Authorization of network license using remote license server not permitted. Please contact Micro Focus Supportline



 When you try to activate a product using an .mflic license file or an Authorization Code you get the following error:


This error occurs because of a misconfiguration in the License Administration tool. 

The "License Server" list that informs the License Administration tool which license servers to connec to needs the following in the list:

  1. You local machine hostname or loopback IP:
  2. A license server hostname connected to your network

You need to add your local machine to this list in order for you to be able to activate licenses locally. 

1. Navigate to the License Administration tool > Options > Advance Configuration

2. Click on the "change" button next to the "License Sarver" field.

3. Add your local machine to the "License Server" list (Seperate each machine with a colon)

You should now be able to activate your product. 

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