Unable to initialize: Initialization file line too long



Error 1 message is received after launching Micro Focus License Manager.

After clicking on OK and trying to install a license Error2 is received.

When trying to restart theSentinel RMS License Manager, it does not prompt to also re-start the dependent services of Micro Focus ces Deamon; when trying to manually start Micro Focus ces Deamon Error 3 is received.

Error 1:

Unable to initialize:  Initialization file line too long. Please check the Advance Configuration under Options.

Error 2:

Error installing licenses: Error(131) Client library is not in initialized state. Please contact Micro Focus Supportline

Error 3:

Windows could not start Micro Focus CES daemon on your computer.

Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly.


The formatting of the ces.ini file, which stores the configuration settings for Micro Focus License Manager, has not been setup correctly.

You will need to add a carriage return to the last line of the ces.ini file.  After adding the carriage return, restart the Sentinel RMS License Manager service which should now prompt you to re-start the dependent services including Micro Focus ces Deamon. 

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