Authorization of network license using remote license server not permitted. Please contact Micro Focus Supportline.



When you try to activate a product using an .mflic license file or an Authorization Code you get the following error: 


This error is due to a misconfiguration on your License Administration Tool.  The "License Server" list which informs the License Administration tool where to look for license should include:

  1. Your local machine (hostname or loopback IP:
    1. Where you can apply named user licenses
  2. A license server on your network
    1. Where you can check out/in concurrrent licenses

To resolve this issue you will need to add your local machine to the "License Server" list. 

  1. Open the License Administration tool> Option > Advance Configuration
  2. Click on "change" next to License Server field
  3. Add your local machine IP address or hostname (SEPERATE EACH MACHINE WITH A COLON)

You should now be able to activate your product. 

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