How to install Pre-Authorised Keys on Windows


You should have received the license files as part of your order. These files have the format xxxxxxx.mflic. Save this file to the machine where they must be installed.


Open the License Administrator, go to the “Install” tab, browse the mflic file, click on Open and then Install Licenses. Alternatively, you can drag/drop the mflic file onto the license file box or copy/paste the licenses into the box below:

If the license is successfully imported, you should get the following message:

You should now be able to see the license installed in the Summary tab:

If in the future you need to move the license to another station, just click on Remove and the license will be uninstalled.


If you have concurrent licenses installed in a server and you need to point the clients to the server, please follow these steps from the client machine:

1. Open the License Administrator> go to Options> Advanced Configuration. Click on the Change button for the License Server:

2. Update the entry with the license server hostname or IP address.  If you need licenses from different servers then use a list of server names separated with colons. If you have a product that uses local licenses add your server(s) to the setting.

3. Save the changes and go to the Summary tabs, you should now see all the licenses retrieved from the license server. If they are not showing, click on the Refresh button. Notice that for the license server licenses, the Hosted column will change from Local to the server hostname.

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