Created On:  15 May 2012


When converting an application from a Net Express native Windows project to a Visual COBOL managed .NET project the run-time tunable settings stored in the file COBCONFIG.CFG which is pointed to by the COBCONFIG environment variable are not being picked up when the application is run.  Why is this?


Although the COBCONFIG environment variable/COBCONFIG.CFG file is still used in Visual COBOL native projects it is not used by Visual COBOL managed code .NET projects.

To set tunables in a managed code .NET project you need to do so by using an app.config file in your project.
To add an application configuration file, the project needs to be one that will output a main program (.EXE).

Right click on the project name in Solution Explorer and select Add-->New-->Application Configuration file.
Then double-click on the app.config file in your project to open it in the XML editor.

Tunables are set as follows: